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Glass facades are more than just decorative features in architecture; they are windows into your imagination and style. However, weathering, UV rays, and exposure to pollutants in the environment can all eventually cause them to lose some of their brightness. As a protection against obstacles like bulletproof glass in India, our facade glass protection system makes sure your glass surfaces maintain their brilliance and clarity and look as compelling as the day they were installed. Contact us!

Bulletproof Glass

A strong defense against possible dangers in a world where security is of the utmost importance is provided by bulletproof glass. With the use of innovative bulletproof glass technology, our facade company in India provides unsurpassed security without sacrificing beauty with our façade glass protection solutions. Our bulletproof glass solutions provide strong protection against ballistic impacts and peace of mind, whether they are being used to guard government buildings, business establishments, or exclusive homes.

The safety of the people inside the building is guaranteed by the resistance that our bulletproof glass has to different degrees of ballistic threats. Additionally, the bulletproof glass solutions can be customized by our team of professionals to satisfy certain security needs and design preferences. Our experts can collaborate with customers to design a customized solution that satisfies their security needs and improves the building’s visual attractiveness. We guarantee that our bulletproof glass offers both protection and style thanks to our knowledge and customizable options. Contact us!

Heat Resistant Glass

The use of heat-resistant glass in contemporary facade designs has become essential due to rising temperatures and environmental concerns. To reduce heat transfer and increase energy efficiency, our thermal facade solutions in India include heat-resistant glass that is designed to endure high temperatures. Our heat-resistant glass is a great option for architects and developers alike because it not only guarantees comfort but also supports sustainable building practices in buildings ranging from residential complexes to buildings.

Our thermal facade solutions are an affordable option for environmentally friendly building projects because they are not only aesthetically beautiful but also long-lasting. Buildings can maintain a comfortable temperature and minimize the need for excessive air conditioning by using our heat-resistant glass, which will ultimately reduce energy costs and the impact on the environment. 

Bullet Resistant Glass

A further line of protection is offered by bulletproof glass in areas where the possibility of gunfire is a worry. With our BIM design services in India and bullet-resistant glass solutions that are engineered to withstand ballistic impacts, we can provide increased protection without sacrificing natural light transmission or visibility. Our bulletproof glass in India strengthens security measures and protects inhabitants and assets against any threats in financial institutions and diplomatic buildings.

Our bullet-resistant glass is a flexible security option for a range of businesses since it is also made to guard against forced entry and damage. Our clients enjoy the utmost security without sacrificing style DUE to our skill in designing and installing bulletproof glass. We use modern technology and materials to provide unique solutions for bulletproof glass, including bulletproof glass in India, that are tailored to each client’s unique requirements. From design to installation, our team of experts is committed to providing the best possible service and assistance.

Blast Protection Systems

Blast protection systems are essential for maintaining structural integrity and occupant safety in volatile situations where explosion danger is high. To lessen the damaging impacts of explosions, we offer complete blast protection systems, including bulletproof glass in India, that combine cutting-edge materials and engineering know-how. In the case of an explosion, our blast protection systems in India offer a dependable defense, reducing casualties and property damage, whether it’s from industrial accidents or terrorist attacks.


Our systems are made to endure extreme pressure and force, so in the case of an explosion, buildings and their occupants will be safe. Our explosion defense devices have also undergone extensive testing and have been successful in actual situations. To keep our systems current with the most recent safety regulations, our team of engineers also constantly monitors and enhances them. Because our products are made to offer the highest level of safety in high-risk areas, customers may feel secure in their purchase. 

At Best Facades, we’re dedicated to providing innovative glass protection solutions for facades that put sustainability, safety, and security first. Contact us today to discover how our innovative glass and aluminum facade solutions can elevate your projects to new heights of safety and sophistication.

Safeguard your property with our advanced bulletproof glass solutions

Safeguard your property with our advanced bulletproof glass solutions, designed to provide maximum protection and peace of mind. Trust in our state-of-the-art technology to keep your space secure without compromising on aesthetics.